Meteors – 26th May 2005

Neil Bone, director of the British Astronomical Association’s Meteor Section came to talk to us about “Meteors“. His talk included anecdotes about deck chairs, cameras, cloudy nights, random luck, as well as photographs of meteors, fireballs, comets, noctilucent clouds and … Continue reading

Mars Revisited – 24th March 2005

Our newest Honorary member, Greg Smye-Rumsby gave this evening’s talk; a retrospective look at observations and explorations, called “Mars Revisited“. His illustrations ranged from drawings by Antoniadi and Lowell, through to the latest images from the various rovers, landers and … Continue reading

Suns, Stars & Satchels – 28th October 2004

Our President, Gilbert Satterthwaite gave us a profusely illustrated talk about his experiences at various IAU/UAI General Assemblies entitled “Suns, Stars & Satchels“. He wove historical information, memories of many astronomers, and photographs of may telescopes (especially transit instruments) into … Continue reading