Uranus & Neptune – 25th January 2007

Paul Money came down from Lincolnshire to give us an enthusiastic talk about Uranus & Neptune. Along the way he extolled the virtues of Celestia and Red Shift, but mostly he told us about the discoveries made by Voyager 2 at Uranus and Neptune. Most of the close-up imagery of these planets and their rings and moons was acquired during the fast fly-bys Voyager 2 made. Even though it didn’t have long to observe each planet, it returned some fascinating images. The Hubble Space Telescope has since been used to observe both planets, but details of the many moons orbiting them can only be captured by an observer close by. Paul showed us many images, including ones of the enormous cliffs on Miranda, the geysers on Triton, and the strane dark face of Oberon. Unfortunately there are no plans at present for further space missions to either of these planets, so for now we will have to be content with the brief glimpses Voyager gave us.

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