Members Evening – 26th April 2007

This Members Evening started with our Chairman Jim Mehta giving us some of the latest astronomical news, and showing us some of the 3D images of the Sun returned by the Stereo mission. Tony Sizer then showed us a few images he’d taken with a new webcam the first time he’d used it. Delphine Murray told us about her visit to The Southern African Large Telescope, which is in the middle of the Karoo highlands over 300 kilometres north of Cape Town at an altitude of just over 1700 metres. The telescope itself is of an unusual design, with a spheroidal primary made up of 91 hexagonal elements. Tony Buick and Jim then showed us some photos taken during the Society’s recent visit to the Science Museum Stores in Olympia, and Tony couldn’t resist also showing us a few more photographs of the Moon. Finally, Bob Webber wrapped up the evening by introducing us to some of the art of David Hardy, a painter who has specialised in astronomical subjects for half a century.

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