Astrophotography – 22nd March 2007

For the March meeting we were joined by Nik Szymanek presenting to us his talk on Astrophotography. For those who do not follow the latest developments in Astrophotography, Nik has rapidly built a reputation for taking remarkable photographs, not only of celestial objects, but also of Astronomy relating buildings and locations.

Nik treated us to show of some of his best images while giving us context and tips to help improve our own technique. A notable moment was Nik’s surprise at the large numbers of members who consider themselves Astrophotographers, suggesting it’s more usual to have a couple of photographers, not the twenty plus who admitted to dabbling!

Finally, Nik wrapped up the evening with a question and answer session, and was only let out of the building once our members felt that they’d had as much astrophotography help as Nik was able to supply.

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