Orpington Astronomical Society


The Society runs an Outreach Group which is willing to assist local organisations, large and small, by actively bringing astronomy and cosmology to the community. This is generally provided by PowerPoint presentations supplementing practical telescope viewing sessions; however, these are usually customised to the relevant curriculum or organisation’s needs and include daytime Moon and solar viewing and evening Moon, planet and ‘star-gazing’ experiences. These wider community-based experiences are usually supplemented by a number of ‘open public’ events during the year which are held at the society’s observing base at Otford or an appropriate public venue.

Comprised mainly of society members who are retired, the Outreach Group has been operating since 2008 and has an excellent record in community liaison. We stopped counting when the number of children and adults having had the opportunity to look through a telescope and learn about the Solar System, stars, our Milky Way galaxy and the Universe reached 9,000. However, conservatively this number must now be close to around 15,000!

Many of the contacts are, or have been, with local primary and senior schools, some of which are well established and on-going yearly links. However, we have also assisted much smaller and widely varying community groups for one-off events. We operate an inclusive policy and are proud to include organisations representing those with health conditions or impairments within these contacts.

Several of the members have independent astronomy and cosmological presentations and are able to assist local organisations and societies with specialist talks.

As a registered charity, the society makes no charge for these community events.

Whilst the society operates its own Child Protection Policy, we look to link with or default to that of the relevant organisation as required. (OAS Child Protection Policy 2014 – pdf format 328KB).

Covid requirements for both the society’s members and those of the visited organisation will need to be reviewed in line with the current Government Guidelines of the time.

Enquiries are welcomed and can be made using the Society’s contact details.