Images of the Universe – 25th April 2013

Our April meeting was addressed by Paul Money, who gave us a lively talk about his favourite Images of the Universe volume 1. He introduced 10 images and gave an interesting insight into each one.  These included diverse topics such as:

  • The Pillars of Creation which infrared shows will have been overtaken by a huge gas cloud from a nearby supernova by now.
  • A video of an astronaut using a rocket pack for an untethered flight in space.
  • The iconic image of Saturn backlit by the sun with Earth visible as an insignificant pale blue dot.
  • Amazing detail of the Tarantula Nebulae in the large Magellanic Cloud seen from the southern hemisphere.
  • The rock strewn surface of Mars with one of the rover’s wheels visible to give some scale.
  • Not forgetting Io’s volcanism,  the Pleiades, and the Orion Nebula.

Paul is currently working on Images of the Universe 5 so we look forward to welcoming him back for the other volumes.

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