Orpington Astronomical Society
List of Past Meetings

List of Past Meetings

Listed below are almost all the meetings we have held at various venues in the history of the Society. If you can help us fill in some of the gaps then please tell us.

YearMonthSpeakerfromTitle of talk
2021.02FebOASAGM (online)
2021.01JanGreg Smye-RumsbyOASSolar Eclipses (online)
2020.12DecTony SizerOASThe Star of Bethlehem (online)
2020.11NovPhilippa BrowningUni. of ManchesterSolar Flares: the most powerful explosions in the Solar System (online)
2020.10OctRoberto BoteroOASAutomate Your Backyard Observatory (online)
2020.09SepMelanie DaviesCreative SpaceTitan: A Candidate for Evolution (online)
2020.08AugCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.07JulCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.06JunCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.05MayCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.04AprCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.03MarCancelled - COVID-19 Lockdown
2020.01JanPeter GrimleyLarge Telescopes
2019.12DecOAS"OAS Players" and Quiz
2019.12DecOAS"OAS Players" and Quiz
2019.11NovSanjeev GuptaResults from the Curiosity Rover
2019.10OctRupert SmithRemote Observatory 2
2019.09SepTom Kerss & Brendan OwensOne Year of the Annie Maunder Astrographic Telescope
2019.08AugChris LintottWeird Worlds: The New Science of Exoplanets
2019.07JulWilliam JoyceThe Geology of the Moon
2019.06JunTony SizerOASThe Stars Like Dust
2019.05MayElmé BreedtGaia
2019.04AprMartin HendryGravitational Waves
2019.03MarColin StuartHow to Live on Mars
2019.01JanRupert SmithRemote Observatory 1
2018.12DecOAS"OAS Players" and Quiz
2018.11NovAndrew CoatesSearching for Life on Mars
2018.10OctRoger O’BrienOumuamua
2018.09SepJeff WaggThe Square Kilometre Array
2018.07JulDhara PatelHow Special is Our Solar System?
2018.06JunMembers' EveningOASA focus on Imaging
2018.05MayJoanna RamasawmyGalaxy evolution: black hole growth and star formation
2018.04AprPaul MoneyTriumphs of Voyager part 1
2018.03MarCarl MurrayQMULPersonal recollections of Cassini (followed by A.G.M)
2018.02Feb(Cancelled because of bad weather)
2018.01JanIan RobsonROEThe Discovery of Quasars
2017.12DecOASXmas Quiz
2017.11NovTony SizerOASThe Vulcan Affair
2017.10OctMembers' EveningOASKen Pearson and Iain Pringle on the Total Solar Eclipse, and Tony Sizer on the Golden Triangle in India.
2017.09SepIan Morison-The Magic of Astrophotography
2017.08AugColin Stuart-13 Journeys Through Space and Time
2017.07JulWilliam Joyce-Interacting and Active Galaxies
2017.06JunFrancisco DiegoUCLAliens
2017.05MayGeraint JonesMSSLLanding on Other Worlds
2017.04AprSteve Fossey-How to discover a Supernova without even trying
2017.02FebDave RotheryMercury
2017.01JanChris NorthCardiffThe Herschel Space Telescope
2016.12DecTony SizerOAS Xmas Quiz
2016.11NovGraham DolanROGChristie and his Legacy
2016.10OctTom Kerss-Ancient and Modern: Imaging with the Great Equatorial Refractor
2016.09SepTony SizerOASThe Stars Like Dust
2016.08AugNigel Bannister-What saved Apollo 13
2016.07JulTony SizerOASWhy is Venus so Hot?
2016.06JunGreg Smye-RumsbyOASTimekeeping at Geenwich
2016.05MayMalcolm Porter-Fred Hoyle
2016.04AprCarolin Crawford-When Galaxies Collide
2016.03MarDavid Mannion-The Future of Space Flight
2016.02FebTony SizerOASAGM, and talk: Stones from the Sky
2016.01JanTed Nield - Incoming!: Learning to Love the Dreaded Thunderstone
2015.12DecGreg Smye-RumsbyOAS Xmas Quiz
2015.11NovMembers' Evening OASRobert Mercer and Carole Pope on Imaging
2015.10OctRadmila Topalovic -Spectroscopy in Astronomy
2015.09SepMembers' EveningOASIvor Lawrence and Mark Shelley on Imaging
2015.08AugTony SizerOASRing of Mystery
2015.07JulTony SizerOASIce Worlds
2015.06JunRoger O’Brien-Rosetta – the mission to the rubber duck comet
2015.05MayLouise HarraUCLThe Current Solar Cycle: Is it Misbehaving?
2015.04AprJerry StoneSpaceflight UKThe Day They Launched a Woodpecker
2015.03MarNik Szymanek_Introduction to Image Processing
2015.01JanCarl Murray QMULCassini at Saturn: Life at the Edge
2014.12DecTony Sizer OASXmas Quiz
2014.1102NovAlan Longstaff _Exoplanet Habitability
2014.1101NovDonald KurtzUCLANIt's About Time!
2014.10OctRobin Catchpole Institute of Astronomy, CambridgeAsteroids, Comets and Impacts.
2014.09SepJohn Murrell _OB Stars
2014.08AugTony BuickOASAspects of the Orrery
2014.07JulGreg Smye-RumsbyOASUranus – a story of planetary catastrophe
2014.06JunRoy Easto _A Quiz
2014.05MayTony SizerOASViolent Universe
2014.04AprAndrew Norton _Finding Exoplanets
2014.03MarMike Edmunds _The Antikythera Mechanism and the Mechanical Universe
2014.02FebTony SizerOASAGM followed by short talk: Stonehenge
2014.01JanDavid Arditti_New developments in amateur planetary imaging
2013.12DecJeff HarriesOASXmas Quiz
2013.11NovJack CarlyleMSSLChariots of Fire: The Sun and its influence on Earth
2013.10OctMargaret Penston_Stars in the Solar Neighbourhood
2013.09SepMike Dryland_The Great Melbourne Telescope and Other Grubbs
2013.08AugEd Bloomer_Gravitational Wave Astronomy
2013.07JulMembers EveningOASOAS visit to CERN
2013.06JunHugh AlfordOASHow Big is Space?
2013.05MayAlec Boksenberg_The Intergalactic Medium and Other Things
2013.04AprPaul Money_Images of the Universe volume 1
2013.03MarSteve Ringwood_The First Great Lunar Hoax
2013.02FebTony SizerOASAGM and President's Address
2013.01JanMonica Grady_Astronomy by Microscope
2012.12DecXmas MeetingOAS_
2012.11NovAndrew Coates_ExoMars
2012.10OctBrendan Owens_Solar Secrets: Understanding Our Star, The Sun
2012.09SepNik Szymanek_Photographing the Night Sky
2012.08AugAlan Aylward_Colouring the Sky
2012.07JulRoger O'Brien_Dark Matter and Dark Energy
2012.06JunDave Rothery_Mercury - New Views
2012.05MayMembers EveningOAS_
2012.04AprAlec Boksenberg_(venue was unavailable)
2012.03MarElizabeth Cunningham_Nuclear Astrophysics
2012.02FebGilbert SatterthwaiteOASAGM and President's Address
2012.01JanCarl Murray_Cassini Observations of Saturn's Rings
2011.12DecXmas MeetingOAS_
2011.11NovJohn Axtell_Sputnik in Context
2011.10OctDavid Hughes_The Star of Bethlehem
2011.09SepChris Arridge_Wandering Giants
2011.08AugMembers EveningOAS_
2011.07JulJerry Stone_Apollo Hoax
2011.06JunGreg Smye-RumsbyOASTimings
2011.05MayTony SizerOASWhen Planets Cross The Sun
2011.04AprStuart Clark_Sun Kings
2011.03MarJan Drozd_Earth, An Alien's Perspective
2011.02FebGilbert SatterthwaiteOASAGM and President's Address
2011.01JanProf. Ian RobsonRoyal Observatory EdinburghSupercool Astronomy
2010.12DecXmas QuizOASXmas Quiz
2010.11NovTim Sumner_Searching for Cold Dark Matter
2010.10OctHelen Walker_Mars Express
2010.09SepMarek Kukula_Quasars and Supermassive Black Holes
2010.08AugMembers EveningOAS_
2010.07JulGreg Smye-RumsbyOASTimings
2010.06JunCarolin Crawford_The Science and Beauty of Nebulae
2010.05MayTony SizerOASBackbone of the Night
2010.04AprMembers EveningOASMike on Earthshine 1 and Hugh on Outreach
2010.03MarAllan Bell_Meteor Echoes
2010.02FebGilbert SatterthwaiteOASAGM and President's Address
2010.01JanDoug Ellison_Mars Discovered
2009.12Dec__Christmas Quiz
2009.11NovMembers Evening_Mark on Imaging and Gilbert on Greenwich
2009.10OctRobin Catchpole_Are We Alone?
2009.09SepChris LintottOxfordWho, What and When?
2009.08AugPhil UttleySouthampton Uni.Black Holes
2009.07JulRoger Pickard_Variable Stars
2009.06JunJohn Murrell_Radio Astronomy: The Key to the Invisible Universe
2009.05MayMembers EveningOASJeff on Asteroids, Luke on Time Travel, Mike on Voyager 1
2009.04AprMike McRobertsOASTycho Brahe and the Uraniborg Observatory
2009.03MarProf. Joanna HaighImperial CollegeSolar Variability and Climate
2009.02FebGilbert SatterthwaiteOASPresident's Address
2009.01JanAlan Longstaff_Cosmology
2008.12Dec_OASChairman's Address and Quiz Night
2008.11NovProf. Ian Morison_The Story of Jodrell Bank
2008.10OctSteve Ringwood_Galileo and his Telescopes
2008.09SepMembers EveningOASMark Shelley on processing astronomical images, and Ken Pearson on the Loughton Astronomical Society's observatory and telescope.
2008.08AugDr. Emily Baldwin_Impact Cratering
2008.07JulKeith Brackenborough_The History of the Calendar
2008.06JunMembers EveningOASTony Buick on Tardigrades In Space, Mark Shelley on Digital SLRs for Astrophotography, and Mike McRoberts on The Phoenix Lander on Mars.
2008.05MayConrad Malin-SmithCroydonThe Message of Starlight
2008.04AprChris Daniels_Sundials
2008.03MarLucie GreenUCL/MSSLLatest Results from Hinode and STEREO
2008.02Feb(AGM) Jim MehtaOASA Visit to Siding Spring
2008.01JanTom BolesBAADiscovering Supernovae
2007.12DecVariousOASThe traditional Xmas Quiz
2007.11NovAlan Bell_Sids, Whispers and Pings
2007.10OctAlan Longstaff_What have meteorites ever done for us?
2007.09SepJerry WorkmanLoughton A.S.The Moons of Saturn
2007.08AugGreg Smye-RumsbyOASThe 3D Universe
2007.07JulMembers EveningOASChris Suddell on Cassini-Huygens and Tony Sizer on the naming of constellations
2007.06JunRichard Westwood_A History of Planetaria
2007.05MayAndrew CoatesUCL/MSSLVenus Express
2007.04AprVariousOASMembers Evening
2007.03MarNik SzymanekCroydonAstro-photography
2007.02Feb(AGM) Paul WhitmarshOASColour in Astronomy
2007.01JanPaul Money_Uranus & Neptune
2006.12DecJim Mehta and Tom MeechanO.A.S. Xmas Astronomy Quiz
2006.11NovMembers EveningO.A.S.Airy's Altazimuth Telescope (Gilbert), Artificial Satellites (Tony Buick), and Planetary Occultations (Greg)
2006.10OctTony SizerO.A.S.Ghosts and Poltergeists
2006.09SepGlyn CollinsonM.S.S.L.Solar Orbiter - Journeying into the Unknown
2006.08AugMike & ChrisO.A.S.Members Evening - Deep Sky Imaging
2006.07JulRoger O'Brien_Cosmology
2006.06JunJack Martin_Spectroscopy
2006.05MayJohn Chapman-SmithS.P.A.Observing the Sun
2006.04AprSimeon Barber_Landing on a Comet
2006.03MarRobin Scagell_Film vs Digital
2006.02FebAGMChairman's AddressTLPs (Tony Buick), and The Universe in 20 Minutes (Greg Smye-Rumsby)
2006.01JanKevin JohnsonScience MuseumAstronomical Treasures
2005.12DecTony SizerO.A.S.Astro-quiz
2005.11NovDr. Helen WalkerRALExploring the Planets with Satellites
2005.10OctPaul Murdin3rd Ken Budd MemorialThe Metre and the Shape of the Earth
2005.10OctVariousO.A.S.Members Evening
2005.09SepJerry WorkmanLoughton ASThe Cassini Mission
2005.08AugTony SizerOASThe Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
2005.07JulAllan BellLoughton A.S.The Gravity Zoo
2005.06JunAlan Longstaff_What are Terrestrial Planets made of?
2005.05MayNeil BoneB.A.A.Meteors
2005.04AprVariousO.A.S.Members Evening
2005.03MarGreg Smye-RumsbyO.A.S.Mars Revisited
2005.02FebAGMChairman's Address20 Yeas Ago
2005.01JanRobert MasseyRoyal Observatory, GreenwichImaging the Universe
2004.12DecPaul, Mike and GilbertO.A.S.Quiz and book auction
2004.11NovFay DowkerImperial CollegeThe Science of Time
2004.10OctGilbert SatterthwaiteO.A.S.Suns, Stars & Satchels
2004.09SepMike Leggett_Exobiology: Life Beyond the Earth?
2004.08AugVariousO.A.S.Members Evening
2004.07JulKen HarrisonLoughton A.S.Planetary Nebulae
2004.06JunPeter HingleyRASAstronomers & Oddities
2004.05MayKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASClouds of Magellan
2004.04AprVariousOASThe Transit of Venus - Members' Evening
2004.03MarTony SizerOASWhen the Sun Lost its Spots
2004.02FebAGMChairman's AddressThe Craig Telescope
2004.01JanPiers CorbynWeather ActionThe Sun & the Weather
2003.12DecMat IrvineSmallspaceCreating Space
2003.11NovGilbert SatterthwaiteOASHarrison's Clocks
2003.10OctRob WarrenRGORobert Hooke
2003.09SepRoy EastoCroydon ASThe Dynamic Universe
2003.08AugGreg Smye-RumsbyOASMars (Public meeting for NAW)
2003.07JulVariousOASMembers Evening
2003.06JunOwen Brazell_Planetary Nebulae
2003.05MayBob MizonCfDSLight Pollution and the Campaign for Dark Skies
2003.04AprVariousOASMembers Evening
2003.03MarLisa WrightCambridgeGalaxy Formation: Painting by Numbers
2003.02FebAGMChairman's AddressA tour of the Solar System
2003.01JanJames WilhelmUKARANetAmateur Radio Astronomy
2002.12DecMany_Quiz v. Croydon A.S.
2002.11NovVariousOASMembers Evening
2002.10OctFay Dowker_Unifying the Universe
2002.09SepMurray BarberWadhurst A.S.V2 - First Dangerous Steps into Space
2002.07JulGilbert SatterthwaiteOASThe Digges Telescope
2002.07JulGreg Smye-RumsbyOASImage Enhancement
2002.06JunDr Ian CrawfordUCLThe Scientific Case for Human Spaceflight
2002.05MayBrijen HathiOUCassini Huygens mission
2002.04AprDr. John Mason_Destination Mars
2002.03MarvariousOASMembers' Evening
2002.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
2002.01JanRobin ScagellSPAAstrophotography
2001.12DecKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASAfrican Eclipse 2001
2001.11NovDr Nial TanvirHerts. Uni.Gamma Ray Bursts
2001.10OctBook Auction_Our thanks to the Stokes Family
2001.10OctUniverse Day_Society's 21st Year - A Celebration
2001.09SepDr Stuart ClarkEditor Astronomy NowLife on other worlds - how to find it
2001.07JulGreg S-R & T SizerOASVenus Transit & Scale of Universe
2001.06JunDr. Helen WalkerISOInfra-red astronomy
2001.05MayDr. Jon ShanklinBASAn Astronomer in Antarctica
2001.04AprDr. Monica GradyNHMMars, meteorites & search for life
2001.03MarGeoff Epps_History and evolution of Mars
2001.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
2001.01JanDr. Chris OwenMullardThe Solar-Terrestrial Connection
2000.12DecDr. Alan HartOASThe Earliest Sundial
2000.11NovGreg Smye-RumsbyOASWhat size is that?
2000.10OctDr. Geoff Macdonald_The Miracle of Starbirth
2000.10OctEwen A. Whitaker2nd Ken Budd MemorialFifty Years with Lunar Maps
2000.09SepPeter Bull_A Window Through the Universe
2000.07JulDr. Louise HarraMullardExplosions from the sun
2000.06JunDr. Ian JuppDERANext gen. of gamma-ray telescopes
2000.05MayDave HeatherUCLThe Moon
2000.04AprGreg & LyulphOAS_
2000.03MarGilbert SatterthwaiteOAS PresidentAstronomers wearing glasses
2000.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
2000.01JanSeymanet & Simmons__
1999.11NovRoy Easto_Gravity
1999.06JunGilbert SatterthwaiteO.A.S.Eclipses and Mirrors
1999.04Apr__50 Years of Amateur Astronomy
1999.03MarRoderick WillstropCambridge I.o.A.Two funny (peculiar) telescopes
1999.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1998.09SepGreg Smye-RumsbyO.A.S.Spacecraft
1998.06JunConrad Malin-Smith_Eclipses
1998.03MarJohn Maxwell_Large Astronomical Optical Systems
1998.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1998.01JanDr. Ian CarstairsOASAstronomy through the ages
1997.12DecQuiz Night SpecialOAS_
1997.11NovBob TurnerWorthing ASThe Sun in H alpha
1997.10OctGreg Smye-RumsbyOAS3 Dimensional Astronomy
1997.09SepDick TaylorBirkbeck ColCosmic Jets and Acretion discs
1997.07JulAlan DrummondCrawley ASPerception in astronomy
1997.06JunNik SzymanekCroydonCCD on La Palma
1997.05MayJohn WellerOASHawaii
1997.04AprPete SimmonsCroydon ASLa Palma
1997.03MarAndrew ElliottReading ASOccultations
1997.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1997.01JanMichael MaunderWokingAstrophotography
1996.12DecMembers' EveningOASVarious seasonal topics
1996.11NovDr. Carl MurrayQueen MaryCassini-Huygens Spacecraft
1996.10OctGilbert/GregOASAny questions
1996.09SepGilbert SatterthwaiteOASDiscovery of Neptune
1996.08AugMeteor WatchOASOpen Evening for the Public
1996.07JulNaveed MoeedUni of KentCassini-Huygens probe
1996.06JunKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASSolar Eclipse, India, October
1996.05MayDr. Allan ChapmanWadham ColLord Ross, Astronomer
1996.04AprPeter BullBromleyA Window on the universe
1996.03MarAndrew MurrayRGO retiredThe Hipparcos Mission
1996.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1996.01JanRoy EastoCroydon ASEta Carinae
1995.12DecMembers' EveningOASVarious topics
1995.12DecProf Stewart Malin_Where on Earth
1995.11NovDr. Jonathan MaxwellImperial CollegeSpectroscopy
1995.11NovJohn Mason_Halley's Comet
1995.10OctPete SimmonsCroydon ASA night on La Palma
1995.09SepDr. Iain CarstairsOASVery high energy gamma rays
1995.07JulMembers' EveningOASVarious topics
1995.06JunAlan DrummondCrawley ASHow the Earth was formed
1995.05MayProf. RuddockImperial ColThe eye as an instrument
1995.04AprProf. Chris DaintyImperial ColLaser doppler adaptive optics
1995.03MarDr. David GradwellRAF Sch of Med.Manned space flight
1995.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1995.01JanGreg Smye-RumsbyOAS_
1994.12DecChristmas MeetingOASQuiz
1994.11NovRoger LutherColfe's School_
1994.10OctPam SpenceFAS committeeEarth and the Solar cycle
1994.09SepDr. Nial TanvirInstitute of AstroThe Hubble Constant
1994.07JulDr. RSL (Dick) TaylorBirkbeck CollegeThe Pluto missions
1994.06JunDr. Martin HeathGreenwich Com. ColForests in space
1994.05MayDr. Andew ElliotReading ASVideo astronomy
1994.04AprDr. Mike LeggettMilton Keynes ASS.E.T.I.
1994.03MarGreg Smye-RumsbyOASConquest of Space - The Film
1994.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1994.01JanDr. Peter EggletonInstitute of AstroNovae and supernovae
1993.12DecMembers' EveningOASVarious seasonal topics
1993.11NovDr. Jacqueline MittonRoyal Astro SocUrania's Sisters
1993.10OctDr. Eric ZuckerLondon UniDimensions of the Universe
1993.09SepDr. Mike LeggettMilton KeynesExobiology
1993.07JulDr. Iain CarstairsOASX-ray of Crab Nebula
1993.06JunGilbert SatterthwaiteOASJames Bradley
1993.05MayDr Simon GreenUni of KentGiotto's extended mission
1993.04AprGeoffrey EppsLondon UniThe origin of The Moon
1993.03MarColin RonanConsultantElizabethan telescope
1993.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1993.01JanGreg Smye-RumsbyOAS
1992.12DecDr. Chris BaddileyWorcester ASFrom imaging to imagining
1992.11NovDr. John MasonBAAFireballs and meteorites
1992.10OctJerry WorkmanAS of HaringeyUranus
1992.09SepDr. Victor ClubeOxfordArmageddon
1992.07JulNeil BoneBAA MeteorsMeteors
1992.06JunDr. Allan ChapmanOxfordWilliam Herschel
1992.05MayMaurice GavinEwell ASDeep sky CCD work
1992.04AprRalph LorentzUni. of KentThe Cassini/Huygens probe
1992.03MarGreg Smye-RumsbyOASWar of the Worlds
1992.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1992.01JanGilbert SatterthwaiteOASGeorge Airy
1991.12DecNorman FisherCroydon ASHis telescopes
1991.11NovProf. Chris DaintyImperial CollegeHigh resolution imaging
1991.10OctKonrad Malin-SmithCroydonBinary stars
1991.09SepGreg Smye-RumsbyOASJupiter
1991.07JulMembers' EveningOASVarious topics
1991.06JunDr. Jonathan MaxwellImperial CollegeCatadioptric telescopes
1991.05MayRichard FleetReading ASUnder Southern Skies
1991.04AprErnest KnaggMaidstone ASAstrocomputing
1991.03MarPeter GillLondon UniThe Sun part 2
1991.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1991.01JanDr. Tony CoxOxford UniChemistry of The Solar System
1990.12DecDr. Alan JohnstoneUCLWhat comet missions found
1990.11NovPeter GillLondon UniThe Sun part 1
1990.10OctAstronomy Fair(St. Olave's Sch.)10 th Anniversary
1990.09SepJerry WorkmanAS of HaringeyExploration of Mars
1990.07JulRoger PickardCrayford Manor ASPro-Am co-operation
1990.06JunDr. RLS TaylorBirkbeck CollegeSelenogany-a post Apollo view
1990.05MayPeter HuntMaidenhead ASThe Sun
1990.04AprPeter Duffett-SmithMullard LabBackground microradiation
1990.03MarDr. Jonathan MaxwellImperial CollegeOptics
1990.02FebIan GriffinUniversity CollegeCarbon Stars
1990.01JanDr. Allan ChapmanOxford UniRGO in Victorian era
1989.12DecR.H. TuckerRGO (retired)Astronomer, man and boy
1989.11NovDr. Christine SuttonNew ScientistSpaceship Neutrino
1989.10OctGilbert SatterthwaiteOASRGO - The end of an era
1989.09SepNorman FisherCroydon ASThe Sun
1989.07JulDr. Paul PhillipsCen. London PolySupernovae
1989.06JunKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASAstrophoto. from La Palma
1989.05MayAlan SmithTunbridge Wells ASAstrophotography
1989.04AprGilbert SatterthwaiteOASThe Image Makers
1989.03MarGlen CrossQueen Mary ColBirth of stars (UV)
1989.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1989.01JanNeil BoneAstronomy NowAtmospheric phenomena
1988.12DecLee ForbesJunior ASBirr Castle
1988.11NovDavid BakerNASAManned Space Flight
1988.10OctPaul SutherlandJunior ASAstrophotography
1988.09SepRobin ScagellSPASundials
1988.07JulAlan SmithTunbridge Wells ASDwarf Novae
1988.06JunJohn RogersBAAJupiter
1988.05MayNick BoothAstronomy NowMars
1988.04AprGreg Smye-RumsbyOASPlanets
1988.03MarAstronomy NowNational QuizOAS v. Brighton AS
1988.02FebGilbert SatterthwaiteOASMount Wilson
1988.01JanOwen BrazellOASPlanetary nebulae
1987.12DecRosie LopesRGOVulcanism in the Solar System
1987.11NovAlan DowdellBAADeep sky observing
1987.10OctPaul MurdinRGOFirst light on WHT
1987.07JulMembers' EveningOASVarious topics of discussion
1987.06JunDr. Richard TaylorBirkbeck Coll.Mars
1987.05MayJohn GriffithsScience MuseumAstronomy from space
1987.04AprNorman FisherCroydon ASMirror making
1987.03MarJohn MasonconsultantHalley's Comet/SN1987a
1987.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1987.02FebCarl MurrayQueen Mary Coll.Planetary Rings
1987.01JanOwen BrazelOASVariable stars
1986.12DecMelvyn SmithBISBell X1-STS
1986.11NovGilbert/GregOASAny questions
1986.10OctRoger Hutchins_Other Worlds
1986.09SepJohn HowesMid Kent ASMeasurement in the Solar System
1986.07JulChris GreenBrighton ASMusic and Astronomy
1986.06JunAlan DrummondCrawley ASPerception of the Universe
1986.05MayMike HeskeysMid Kent ASStellar Evolution
1986.04AprGreg Smye-RumsbyOASPluto
1986.03MarPeter GillLondon Uni.Solar Activity
1986.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1986.02FebIan GriffinOASEthel the Aadvark Measures the Universe
1986.01JanKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASRelativity Explained
1985.10OctSq Ldr Nigel WoodRAFThe Space Shuttle Programme
1985.09SepKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASRelativity Explained
1985.07JulOwen BrazellOASThe Interstellar Medium
1985.06JunQuiz EveningBAAOAS vs Croydon
1985.05MayPhilip TaylorBrighton ASFirst Light on La Palma
1985.04AprKen MarcusBrighton ASReligion and Astronomy
1985.03MarBrian van der PeerMid KentGalaxies
1985.03MarQuiz EveningOASCroydon AS vs OAS
1985.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1985.02FebCdr Henry HatfieldBAAThe Spectrohelioscope
1985.01JanMichael MaunderBAABeginning Astrophotography
1984.12DecRobert Christie_The Russians do it first, but the Americans do it better
1984.12DecRobin ScagellSPAFascinating Perseus
1984.11NovNorman FisherCroydon ASColour and the Eye
1984.10OctMaurice GavinBAAComput., Spectro.& Building his Obs
1984.06JunQuiz EveningOASOAS vs Ewell AS
1984.04AprIan GriffinOASThe Messier Objects
1984.03MarChristine SuttonNew ScientistThe New Astronomy (Neutrinos)
1984.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1984.01JanKonrad Malin-SmithCroydon ASPulsars
1983.12DecRichard EastlakeQuestar UKThe Questar Telescope
1983.11NovFilm NightOASSolar System, Nautical Almanac, and Luna Exploration.
1983.10OctNigel Henbest_The New Astronomy
1983.09Sep(no meeting)__
1983.06JunQuiz EveningOASOAS vs Croydon AS
1983.05MayJohn WallCrayford A.S.Constructing a Telescope
1983.04AprDr Justin SchoveSt Davids SchoolHist., Celestial and Auroral Pheno.
1983.03MarDr Peter MullerUCLJupiter and Saturn
1983.02FebAGMChairman's Address_
1983.01JanGilbert,Greg & John AOASThe Apollo Experience
1982.12DecGreg Smye-RumsbyOASSatellites of Jupiter and Saturn
1982.11NovFim NightOASMoon, Sun and Telescopes
1982.10OctGreg Smye-RumsbyOASObserving the Sky
1982.09SepEwen WhitakerUS Geol. SurveyThe Moon
1982.06JunMembers' EveningOAS_
1982.05MayJohn WallCrayford MHASMaking a 24 inch Telescope
1982.04AprTrip to USASociety Members_
1982.03MarGilbert Satterthwaite and Greg Smye-RumsbySociety MembersNASA and Voyager's 'Grand Tour'
1982.03MarTrip to USASociety Members_
1982.02FebAGMChairman's AddressRoyal Greenwich Observatory
1981.12DecMembers EveningOASChristmas Meeting
1981.11NovNorman FisherCroydon ASConstructing the CAS Observatory
1981.10OctNigel Henbest_Supernova - Death of a Star
1981.06JunDr. Alan HartOASObserving Minor Planets
1981.06JunKeith Brackenborough_Books for Beginners
1981.06JunTom McLeishOASWhat shall we do with the 18 inch
1981.05MayPatrick Moore_The Depths of the Solar System
1981.04AprReg Spry_Telescope Making
1981.03MarIain Nicholson_Black Holes and the Fate of the Uni.
1981.02FebAGMChairman's AddressFamous Observatories + Work
1981.01JanHeather Couper_Journey to the Centre of the Gal.