Observing Activities

Looking through a scopeWe hold observing evenings once or twice a month, less often in summer, more often in winter when the nights start early. New dates are announced at monthly meetings, on the bulletin board and on the News Page if there’s something special going on in the sky.

We also arrange Deep Sky Camps a few times each year. These are held somewhere where the skies are likely to be much darker than is usually the case in Orpington.

Observing Sites

Generally we start our observing evenings either in a pub or in a meeting hall at around 8pm. This means that observing evenings are usually not weather-dependant, as we can either stay in the pub or indoors at the hall if the weather is unsuitable for observing, or go outside to do some observing if the skies are clear.

Imaging Sessions

Some members host occasional Imaging Sessions at their own houses. These usually start at 8.15pm, and will be announced at our regular monthly meetings.

Solar Sessions

Now that we have a solar telescope we will be arranging occasional Solar Sessions, usually at the scope’s current keeper’s house. If you wish to attend a Solar Session then please talk to Sue or Jim at one of our regular monthly meetings.

Deep Sky Camps

Our Deep Sky Camps are held at various locations. Usually we use commercial camp sites, and each visitor will be expected to pay the camp site operator for their own pitch. We’ll usually try to arrange for our pitches to be in a group, so you’ll need to mention you’re one of the astronomers when you book.

Occasionally the Society books a site for its exclusive use, and on these occasions we’ll expect all attendees (anyone visiting the site) to contribute to the cost, even if they’re not actually camping on site.

Please always try check the forum for details of the arrangements before the event.