Sundials – 24th April 2008

Chris Daniels began his talk on Sundials by showing us a slide of a curious pillar, and took us on a tour through the ages from Roman times to the present day, showing us a wide variety of designs of sundials. Sundials were popular long after the first pocket watches came into fashion, and can still be found in many places today. Some of the oldest surviving dials in the U.K. can be found on churches, often scored into south-facing wall. The curious pillar in his opening slide had numerous sundials of various designs carved on its faces, and served as an excellent illustration of the wide variety of sundial designs that may be spotted in unlikely places, once you know what to look for. If the sun shines on or through something, it can probably have a sundial placed on it. He showed us some fine stained-glass windows which included sundials in their design. He ended his talk by showing us a variety of modern sundials, many of which he had designed.

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