Members Evening – 23rd November 2006

Gilbert Satterthwaite gave the first talk of the evening on “Airy’s Altazimuth Telescope“. This instrument was installed at Greenwich by Airy, and was used very successfully to record the Moon’s position with greater accuracy than had previously been possible. Considerable … Continue reading

Cosmology – 27th July 2006

Roger O’Brien’s talk on “Cosmology“ was a conversational journey from the Steady State Theory to the Big Bang Theory, with reference to the discovery of the Cosmic Background Radiation, and a practical demonstration of the kinds of measurements needed to … Continue reading

Spectroscopy – 22nd June 2006

Jack Martin made use of slides, laser pointers, and diffraction gratings to illustrate his talk on “Spectroscopy“. By shining both a green and a red laser pointer through the same grating he demonstrated the spectral spreading a grating produces, and … Continue reading