Meteorites – 25th October 2007

In Alan Longstaff’s talk “What have meteorites ever done for us?“, we heard a great deal about the composition and structure of meteorites, about element and isotope ratios, chondrules, Widmanstatten patterns, and much else. Meteorites are clearly fascinating and worthy … Continue reading

Venus Express – 24th May 2007

This evening’s meeting started with our Chairman Jim Mehta giving us some of the latest astronomical news, Chris Suddell showing us a long-exposure image he’d captured last night from the field at Tuesnoad, and Tony Sizer explaining the complexities of … Continue reading

Members Evening – 23rd November 2006

Gilbert Satterthwaite gave the first talk of the evening on “Airy’s Altazimuth Telescope“. This instrument was installed at Greenwich by Airy, and was used very successfully to record the Moon’s position with greater accuracy than had previously been possible. Considerable … Continue reading