Orpington Astronomical Society
Membership Benefits

Membership Benefits

Membership of the Society offers several benefits to members, but also relies on volunteers amongst us to thrive. We enjoy certain privileges as a registered charity (Registered in England and Wales No 289661), but these depend on our providing an educational benefit to the wider community.

Monthly Meetings

The principal benefit for members is our meeting programme.

Observing Evenings

Observing evenings are held every month, usually on the third Thursday.


Our Newsletter, TOAST icon TOAST is published at least four times a year, The Orpington Astronomical Society Times publishes news about the Society, recent images, information about lectures and events around the country, and astronomy-related amusements.

OAS Members Discussion Forum

Members are invited to join the OAS Forum. This offers a wide range of discussion topics, notices and news items, going back over many years. Informal advice on astronomical equipment is readily available from members.

OAS Equipment Loans

The OAS owns a variety of astronomical equipment. After a period of membership you may be able to apply for an Equipment Loan to help you decide what equipment you need.

OAS Astrophotography Gallery

We have a number of experienced astrophotographers in membership of the OAS who are willing to share their insights and advice on developing expertise in this developing field. Members are encouraged to compare their efforts with those in the online Gallery of the OAS, and to post their successful pictures there.

Deep Sky Camps

The OAS takes groups to local Deep Sky Camps two or three times a year.

Outings and Social Events

The OAS organises visits to places of astronomical interest, and also holds social events from time to time.


None of these activities and events would take place without members willingly volunteering to support the OAS in various ways. We therefore ask you to recognise that membership of the OAS is not a passive role, but will on occasion require you to offer your time or expertise in supporting activities.

And do not forget that our Outreach work needs assistance from members.

Want to join?

If you’d like to join the OAS, please contact us.