Special Events

Domes at COAAFrom time to time we arrange dinners, barbecues, picnics, camps, outings and other special events:

Deep Sky Camps

These are held at various locations. Usually we use commercial camp sites, and each visitor will be expected to pay the camp site operator for their own pitch. We’ll usually try to arrange for our pitches to be in a group, so you’ll need to mention you’re one of the astronomers when you book.

Occasionally the Society books a site for its exclusive use, and on these occasions we’ll expect all attendees (anyone visiting the site) to contribute to the cost, even if they’re not actually camping on site.

Society Meals

We try to hold a Society meal in a local pub or restaurant at least once a year, and a barbecue in someone’s garden or a picnic in the local area during the summer. These are good social occasions, and sometimes there’s even an astronomical theme to them.


In recent years we have visited places like the Greenwich Observatory, the radio telescopes at Jodrell Bank, the historic instruments at Cambridge, the Herschel museum in Bath, and even Stonehenge.

Outreach Group

The Society runs an Outreach Group which is willing to assist local organisations, large and small, by actively bringing astronomy and cosmology to the community.

Public Lectures & Exhibitions

Our 21st Anniversary Celebration entitled Universe Day, held at St Olave’s School in Orpington in 2001 was our last big public event – more than 300 people turned up to see all the latest in local astronomy. However, we hold public events at BEECHE from time to time, usually arranged to catch an interesting astronomical event or a good observing opportunity.

Occasionally, in memory of one of our founder members and chairmen, we hold the Kenneth Budd Memorial Lecture. So far we have held three well attended meetings. The first Kenneth Budd Memorial Lecture, in November 1998 was given by Prof. Sir Antony Hewish, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on pulsars. His lecture was titled “Thirty Years of Pulsar Astronomy”. At the second, in October 2000, Ewen A. Whitaker FRAS gave a lecture titled “Fifty Years with Lunar Maps”. The third, in October 2005, was given by Prof. Paul Murdin, who gave a talk on “The Metre and the Shape of the Earth”.

Please always try check the forum for details of the arrangements before the event.