Starbeque Success – 2022 May 8th
Starbeque Success – 2022 May 8th

Starbeque Success – 2022 May 8th

Our first Starbeque post pandemic went ahead successfully on Sunday 8th May 2022. The weather was kind and around 30 members, guests and children enjoyed warm sunshine and an entertaining afternoon in the Kent countryside. Our thanks go to Noel for hosting the event once again at his farm near Meopham.

Astronomy-themed cakesA great location, good weather, food and drinks and a selection of fun activities made this a memorable social event. The afternoon started with hot food cooked on the barbecues complimented by jacket potatoes, rolls and a selection of salads, dressings and sauces.

The astro-themed cake competition followed with three excellent cakes being entered. After the judging panel announced a winner everyone was delighted to have the chance to sample the cakes.

It was then time for the water bottle rocket challenge which saw an interesting selection of water rockets being launched with varying degrees of success. Each launch was preceded by an enthusiastic countdown led by the children. The most successful rocket rose to about 100 feet and was launched several times as it was so impressive. Another rocket, while not rising as far, deployed a parachute when descending. Both these rockets won prizes.

After the excitement of the rocket challenge everyone tested their quizzing skills in deciphering the treasure hunt clues. Thankfully the treasure was found and a prize awarded.

The afternoon concluded with a rocket demonstration by the HART Rocketry Club. Rockets of various sizes and styles were on display throughout the afternoon with a number of ‘Stomp rockets” being provided to play with. The three small rockets that were fired had different capacity motors and rose to around 120ft, 150ft and 300ft respectively.

In addition to the programmed events, a telescope was available to view both the sun and moon. Yes, both were visible! Using different filters allowed sun spots and prominences to be seen and then the telescope was turned towards the moon.

Thanks to everyone who attended. It was great to see you all there.

Prepared by Jim Worthington May 2022