Imaging Workshop at High Elms – 22nd November 2008

About 20 people attended this first course on imaging at High Elms on Saturday. Fay started off with a very inspiring talk on her own journey to understand and overcome all the technical problems. Mike then gave a short overview of the equipment required to do imaging, followed by Mark on how to use a DSLR camera. This involved an explanation of the process of taking dark frames to cancel out the noise produced by the electronic circuitry in the camera. After a tea break John gave a demonstration of how to image the moon and planets using a webcam, with an explanation of the stacking process used on the computer to select only the in-focus frames. Robert then finished off the afternoon with a talk on the more advanced use of cooled CCD cameras and software.

Unfortunately we ran out of time here as the staff wanted to lockup! Another session is definitely called for. Many thanks to all the contributors for a very interesting afternoon, and to Mike for organising it all.

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