Starbecue – 5th July 2003

Members round the table at the barbecueIt was the perfect weather – not too hot not too cold. It most certainly did not rain. As usual the Hemmings turned out in force, most of them doing the work. Tony, remembering last years “bushfire”, had decided on slightly less charcoal. Everything was cooked to perfection.

The early comers were made most welcome and by mid afternoon, the garden was packed. There were the usual faces, such as Gilbert Satterthwaite – our President, Sue Peters and her husband, Brian Mellors, Malcolm Pullan and his family and some some welcome new ones as well – Bob and Yvonne Merrison to name but a few.

Ray Hemming had thoughtfully put out a small television to show the womens finals at Wimbledon, although not many took up the kind offer as the day rolled by. It was anidillic English summer afternoon.

Some of the last members to leave helped with the clearing up. Everyone in the Society that came enjoyed the day immensely and it is hoped that this tradition can continue.

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