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Meeting Reports

Meeting Reports

Here you’ll find brief reports of the talks we’ve heard at Society meetings. In these we try to include any web links or other pointers to further information that were provided by the speaker at the meeting. If you were at one of our meetings and would like to correct or expand the report relating to it then please use the Society’s contact form.

Recent Reports

Starbirth – 26th October 2000

Dr. Geoff Macdonald gave a talk entitled “The Miracle of Starbirth“ in which he described the ways in which stars can be formed.

The Second Kenneth Budd Memorial Lecture – 20th October 2000

On 20th October 2000 Ewen A. Whitaker FRAS gave an interesting talk entitled “Fifty Years with Lunar Maps“. This in fact ranged back to the …

A Window Through the Universe – 28th September 2000

Peter Bull gave a talk entitled “A Window Through the Universe“ in which he covered the basics of a wide range of astronomical subjects.

Explosions from the Sun – 27th July 2000

Dr. Louise Harra of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory gave a talk entitled “Explosions from the Sun“ about observations made with various observatories, most of …

Gamma Ray Imaging – 22nd June 2000

Dr. Ian Jupp of DERA gave a talk entitled “The next generation of gamma-ray imaging telescopes“.

Older Reports