Public Observing – 25th October 2008

A Public Observing evening was held at BEECHE at High Elms on Saturday 25th October. Unfortunately the evening was cloudy and no observing was possible. Despite this over 40 members of the public turned up, many with children. The society setup a display in the BEECHE with books magazines and posters as well as some telescopes. Our Chairman Jim Mehta gave a short introduction, and then Greg Smye-Rumbsy gave a very entertaining and informative talk on star formation and the solar system. Greg explained the relative sizes of stars, how they died and how they were born. This led onto the formation of solar systems in nebulae and then the planets in our own system.  The talks were followed by refreshments and a Q&A session.  Many thanks to all the members who came to assist with the evening.

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