Autumn Deep Sky Camp – 17th to 19th November 2006

DSC LogoAutumn Deep Sky Camp was held at the campsite at Tuesnoad from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th November.


  • it was bright and windy to start, pitching tents was a 3 man job on the most part.
  • then it got a bit windier
  • then it started raining
  • then it got windier and rainier
  • then we had to chase the marquee across the field
  • then we put the marquee back over the stoves and chairs
  • then the wind died down
  • then we dried out
  • then it stopped raining
  • then we went out and watched the clouds clearing a little
  • then it got cloudy again
  • at midnight, we decided that playing rugby with a 2 foot rugbyball in the dark would be fun
  • then the sky cleared and we got the 12″ Lightbridge out
  • then we did some astronomy
  • then we went to bed.

I understand the rest of DSC was slightly less exciting.

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