Ray and Sandra’s Starbecue – 3rd July 2004

The weather wasn’t quite as kind to us this year. We did get a few very light showers during the afternoon, but nothing heavy enough to put the barbecue out. Sandra and Ray, aided and abetted by their (rapidly growing) grandchildren, had prepared an amazing spread for us. They’d even set up a TV so that the tennis-addicts among us could watch the Wimbledon ladies singles final! Rick brought along the Coronado PST he’d ordered in good time for the Venus transit, as it had finally arrived just two days earlier, and Tony Buick promptly commandeered it to get some more photos for his talk in August, and the sun promptly hid behind some clouds. Snooker was played, tennis watched, food eaten, Pimms drunk, and a good time was had by all. Many thanks to Sandra, Ray and family!

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