Greg Smye-Rumsby
Greg Smye-Rumsby

Greg Smye-Rumsby

Wed 25th Oct 2023
Time: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Place: St. Francis of Assisi Church Hall

Category: Monthly Society Meetings

At our October meeting, Greg Smye-Rumsby will give a talk titled “Arrokoth and the Sentinels”.

The formative years of the Solar System are still poorly understood. Missions sent to study distant small worlds fill in much of the detail. The more sophisticated the suite of instruments designed to study them, the better our understanding.

And so, in 2006 New Horizons was launched, its remit – to study Pluto, its moon Charon and any other smaller moons that might be discovered en route. It was clear that other more distant targets should be sought, to view these tiny frozen worlds close up. Being essentially extremely old and unaltered, these relics might help to explain how the planets formed. One of the furthest was Arrokoth.

Greg Smye-Rumsby is Orpington Astronomical Society’s President and a popular member of the Royal Observatory Greenwich team of presenters. As an expert graphic designer, Greg is an important member of the team at Astronomy Now, and helps organise their European Astrofest in Kensington every year. Greg’s encyclopaedic knowledge of astronomy and infectious sense of humour mean he is always sought after to give talks to the astronomical societies of the UK.

The Meeting will start at 7.45pm. The hall doors are open from 7:00pm and members are welcome to attend from this time to assist, set up the hall and socialise.