Jodrell Bank

Saturday June 15th, 2013

Time: 5:45 am - 10:00 pm

Place: Orpington Station (Car park)

Category: Society Outings and Trips

We have re-arranged our visit to Jodrell Bank for Saturday, 15th June. We are being picked up at 05.45hrs at Orpington Station car park, so people who drive to the pick up point can park their vehicles there. We will be leaving the Observatory about 16.00 hrs for the return journey home. It’s going to be a long day, but you can sleep on the coach, hopefully. Please check the forum for the latest details.

Cost: £38 per person (including entrance fee) to be paid by 28th May. If you haven’t paid by 28th May and there are places left we will offer them to members of other societies. If you can’t attend the May meeting but want to go on the visit please send your payment to the OAS Treasurer so that he will receive it before 28th February. (If you need his address, contact us via the Membership Enquiry Form giving your email address and ask for the address.)

Coach: We have booked a 53-seat coach with two drivers.


  • Arrive at Orpington Rail Station Car Park at 05.30 hrs for pick up at 05.45 hrs.
  • The journey should take about four hours depending on road conditions etc., including a break about half-way there.
  • Arrive at the Observatory about 11.00 hrs.
  • We will then be given a talk for about 45 minutes and then a conducted tour around parts of the Observatory.
  • After that, individuals will have a chance to wander as they will, perhaps lunching in the canteen/restaurant (expensive) or I would suggest people take their own food and drinks.
  • We then leave the Observatory at about 16.00 hrs, arriving home in Orpington about 22.00.hrs.