Imaging Group
Imaging Group

Imaging Group

Wed 23rd Nov 2022
Time: 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Place: St. Francis of Assisi Church Hall

Category: Monthly Society Meetings

Imaging – how it is done

Have you ever wondered how the amazing images we see each
month are created? Carole Pope and Roberto Botero will give a
presentation on imaging.

The evening is particularly aimed at those who have never
imaged before. Carole and Roberto will explain the equipment
you need and the various steps necessary to produce a final

Carole started in 2008 following an OAS trip to COAA in
Portugal that inspired her to have a go. 14 years of learning
and mistakes have culminated in a wealth of experience.

Roberto is a physics graduate who built his first CCD camera in
the late 1990s. His first image with that camera was the ring
nebula (M57). Since then he has established an enviable
reputation for the quality of his astrophotography.

Come and find out how it is done.

The Meeting will start at 7.45pm. The hall doors are open from 7:00pm and members are welcome to attend from this time to assist, set up the hall and socialise.